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Maxwell Centre


Special measures for safe working from the Maxwell Centre during the Covid-19 pandemic

Last updated on the 22/01/2021

Maxwell Centre has partially reopened after the March lockdown, but there are still many restrictions in place, and we are following guidance issued by the Government and the University of Cambridge

Safe Working Protocol and Risk Assessment issued by the Department of Physics apply to all use of the Maxwell Centre. 


Building access activation eligibility:

  • Maxwell Centre users who completed the return to work process and received an email from the Physics HoD inviting them back on site are allowed to work from the Maxwell building subject to compliance with the safe working protocols. 
  • If you are a registered user of a Maxwell Centre office and/or lab (i.e. current university staff member, student, equipment user or visitor under an active contract/access agreement), and would normally be working from the Maxwell Centre building, you may be eligible to return to work on premises, subject to:
    • being nominated for return to working within the Maxwell Centre by your Line Manager
    • authorisation from your Department/organisation to return to work on site (subject to their local rules); for Cavendish Lab staff/students this requires a return to work interview with your PI/supervisor
    • completing an online safety briefing and passing the quiz assessment at the end
  • New registrations and access requests will be processed by the relevant administrators (Cavendish personnel and students - contact your Hub admin, all others should contact Maxwell Centre administration in the first instance).
    • For new starters additional requirements include the completion of the Departmental Safety Training, as well as the Maxwell Centre induction, which are now available online.

Access requests processing:

  • Once evidence of your full eligibility and training is recorded, the Departmental process takes at least 48hrs to run for access activation, at busy periods it may be longer, so please plan ahead.
  • When your card is activated for access you will receive a formal invitation email from the Head of Department, after which you can start working from the Maxwell Centre.

Reporting suspected Covid-19:

Staff and students please refer to intranet page for details: 

  • If you have been at the Maxwell Centre OR in contact with its staff, students or visitors, and develop suspected Covid-19 symptoms within 10 days after (temperature of 37.8C or above, new cough, loss of taste and/or smell, but also other symptoms are possible) you must report it. You will be asked for further details, and invited to take a test, as people you were in contact with may need to self-isolate. Please act as follows:
    • call the Cavendish Hotline Number: 01223 765743, operating 7am-7pm Monday to Friday. This informs which parts of the building may need a deep clean.
    • contractual visitors should complete the Covid Monitoring Form if they receive a positive test result from an NHS test and have been on site inside a University building. An @cam email address is not required to do this, and it would be really helpful if the free text/additional notes areas of the Monitoring Form contained as much detailed information as possible. The University Covid Helpdesk phone number is 01223 339514 (8am-6pm on weekdays; 11am -3pm on weekends).

Notable changes to the working arrangements:

  • If you have symptoms of any illness you must not come to work on site.
  • Don't come in to University property unless you cannot do your work from home.
  • Face masks must now be worn everywhere indoors, except in single-occupancy rooms with the door shut, or when eating/drinking.
  • No indoor face-to-face meetings or gatherings. Minimise contact with others.
  • Everyone needs to sign in and out of the building register whenever they arrive/leave the Maxwell Centre building.
  • Room notices are displayed throughout the building describing maximum capacity and permitted use of each space. Many office and lab areas require booking in advance, see Related links provided.
  • Please consult Safe Working protocol on detailed rules and restrictions, e.g. regarding close working. 
  • Maxwell Industrial hotdesking access is suspended under further notice.
  • No day visitors are allowed on site, an in exceptional circumstances (e.g. contractors rectifying a serious equipment fault) a prior permission must be sought rhough your line manager/host. 
  • Access to the building may be denied to anyone in breach of the rules.