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The business environment is changing more quickly than ever, markets are increasingly selective around consumer choices, stakeholder preferences and new, disruptive business models are challenging the status quo.  Companies that most effectively innovate, in both what they offer and how they operate, will be most successful in building resilient, sustainable businesses for the future.



impulse, the University’s flagship entrepreneurial programme, continues our legacy of developing innovation mindsets, commercialisation frameworks and industry leading mentorship to new generations of innovators. Participants work in small blended teams to understand the latest in innovation practice and develop their own propositions in pioneering deep tech solutions.  Participants are mentored across the entire programme by global experts offering unique insight and support.


Organisational Benefits:

  • Elevate the top line with a continuous stream of new products, services and greater operational efficiency 
  • Win the war on talent by investing in and empowering your employees, cultivating innovative mindsets
  • Form highly engaged blended teams, improving business wide communication 
  • Provide an affordable “mini- MBA” experience which can be applied to your employees’ daily work


Participant Benefits:       

  • Develop key commercial skills, tools and models in evaluating and optimising innovation opportunities
  • Apply developed skills and get ‘external’ views on your business opportunities within an objective but safe environment
  • Gain direct experience in working on real world challenges of commercialising an innovative idea in blended teams, understanding stakeholder expectations and influence 
  • Gain a wider perspective of global technology advancement, learning directly from experts, experienced entrepreneurs, innovators, venture capitalists, business angels and other professionals

For further information as to how impulse can benefit your organisation, to book a place on the programme or for further enquiries please contact Yupar Myint, Head of impulse email:




The application deadline for impulse 2023 was the 26 March 2023.