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Dr Ottavio Croze

Winton Advanced Research Fellow


Maxwell Centre, room 2.86

Tel.: 01223 337357



Environmental biophysics of microorganisms 

I am interested in microorganisms, such as bacteria and algae. My research focuses on the new biophysics required to understand these microorganisms, from single cell metabolism to population fluid dynamics. A deeper understanding of microbial biophysics has the potential to improve promising bioengineering applications, such as pollutants bioremediation, improving soil health and growing algae for their products in photobioreactors.

My group uses a combination of mathematical modelling and experiments to solve problems inspired by environmental applications. The research is also applicable to the study of infection, and we are also very interested in how biophysics can contribute to our understanding of mutualisms between plant and bacteria (rhizo and algal-bacterial mutualisms. For more information please visit: