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Dr Jean de la Verpilliere

CEO and Co-founder of Echion Technologies

Echion Technologies provides a unique platform for battery material and composite manufacture at pilot industrial scales.  Our materials then simply “drop-in” to existing battery manufacturing infrastructure with no capital cost.  This provides a low barrier to market entry and rapid customer access for our battery materials.

Ruizhi Wang

Co-founder of HexagonFab

Hexagonfab develops next-generation biosensors for food safety and medical diagnosis. The heart of the technology is a unique nanomaterial that enables sensors as sensitive as the state-of-the-art laboratory tests while being small enough to fit in your pocket.

Dr Carmen Palacios Berraquero

CEO and founder of Nu Quantum

Nu Quantum is a young and dynamic high-tech company that specialises in modular hardware for Quantum Cybersecurity: a platform single-photon source array technology for use in Quantum Random Number Generators and Quantum Key Distribution. We are a recent spin-out from the University of Cambridge with strong links to the Quantum Optical Materials and Systems Group of the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge.


More information about NuQuantum:

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Nu Quantum raises pre-seed investment. Read more here.

Floren Cabrera F. de Teresa

CEO and founder of Quantum Light

"Optical Security by the Laws of Physics” is the motto for Quantum Light Ltd venture and their UK registered trademark for optical cybersecurity and automotive retro-fit computational products and services. The mission of Quantum Light is to develop and commercialise “LightKey” and “AEBIS” Optical Security technology products and services, which is an entirely innovative and disruptive modulation and communications technology using all types of light sources. Their goal is to deliver the lowest cost, most pervasive and most secure Optical security system and technology platform, which may enable all types of existing infrastructure, vehicles and smart devices, to achieve the highest level of encryption and quantum-proof-security without requiring single-photon sources or Quantum channels.

Dr Pahini Pandya

CEO and co-founder of Panakeia Technologies

Panakeia develops technologies to make cancer-related deaths a history through single-step diagnosis and precision treat.

Read about Pahini's entrepreneurial journey here.

Prof Laura Itzhaki

CSO and co-founder of PolyProx Therapeutics

PolyProx Therapeutics, a new biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of novel biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of cancer.

The cell's quality control machinery, which disposes of unwanted proteins, is directed by signals driven by complex interactions between many different biomolecules. PolyProx Therapeutics is exploiting a deep understanding of these interactions to build a biotherapeutics platform capable of shortcutting those signals to co-opt the machinery and redirect it to remove disease-associated targets. By taking nature's lead the PolyProx platform will give us much greater access to this extensive machinery than is currently possible with conventional drug modalities, thereby enabling us to find the most effective way to harness it for each target. The platform will also allow us to reach the many key disease-drivers that are considered otherwise undruggable. In 2019, PolyProx raised £3.4m seed financing. Their initial focus is in oncology, but their differentiated approach will be applicable across multiple therapeutic areas.​

Dr Jeroen Verheyen

CEO and co-founder of Semarion Discovery

Semarion is developing protein fingerprint analysis solutions to enable paradigm shifts in the drug development process, specifically, patient stratification during clinical trials.

Dr Mario De Miguel Ramos

Co-founder of Sorex Sensors

Sorex Sensors Limited is a new spin-out from Cambridge University Engineering Department, looking to manufacture world-leading, highly-sensitive mass sensors which can measure down to femtograms, the weight of a single virus particle. The devices are very small (each is ~100 µm across), have extremely low power requirements (in the order of µW) and can be fabricated on silicon wafer using standard foundry processes. Uniquely, the sensors can measure both mass and temperature simultaneously providing significant advantages over existing mass-measurement technologies. Applications that require accurate measurements and the ability to multiplex are being pursued in vacuum-based deposition process control, gas monitoring and particulate monitoring markets.

Dr Alexander Patto

CEO and co-founder of WaterScope

WaterScope develops inexpensive, rapid water testing kits capable of identifying bacterial presence for same day results – much faster than current tests available. Using their novel cartridge WaterScope can take the lab into the field allowing simple and consistent testing, independent of the users resource or training. Contamination results will be automatically analyzed and uploaded for crosschecking, mapping and intervention.


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