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Researchers, engineers and managers of large corporates

"I was impressed by the high profiles and vast experiences of the speakers and mentors. I had inspiring conversations with the original founders of Arm and CSR, who become angel investors. I was inspired by my mentor Jamie, whose questions had triggered a chain of positive changes for me. All of this would not have been possible without the Impulse Programme. It is true that chance encounters make amazing new things happen.”

Dr Jialin Dou, Arm Education, Impulse alumnus


  • Are you striving to support your employees to realize their innovative projects and accelerate the commercialization process?

  • Are you tasked with promoting a novel idea internally and gain support and resources from the company?

  • Are you seeking to launch a new business opportunity

  • Are you seeking to diversify markets and products

  • Do you want to check out the reality of your innovative business opportunities and develop an effective action plan?

Your benefits

  • Get “external” views for new businesses opportunities within an objective but safe environment

  • Mentoring sessions with business experts who are used to evaluating new business opportunities (e.g. venture capitalists, business angels, experienced entrepreneurs)

  • Cultivate innovative thinking in the employees - personal development with a “mini-MBA”, hands-on experience which can be applied to his/her future work

  • Build a customer-focused approach in launching new products/ services

  • Improve internal communication between marketing and product development team

  • Develop commercial proposals to the Company Board in order to secure resource and internal support for your team

  • Explore an internal venture or a spin out from your company

  • It is an intense but time-limited, high learning-curve experience


Apply now!

Application deadline 18 March 2021