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The Henry Royce Institute at the University of Cambridge will sponsor five places on the Impulse 2019 programme.


About the Henry Royce facilities at Cambridge

The Henry Royce Institute is the UK’s national materials science institute, launched in 2017 by a government award of £225 million to create a UK materials research institute, primarily to the University of Manchester, with funding to seven other institutions

Of this investment, £10 million was awarded to Cambridge (along with similar sums to other partner institutions: Oxford, Imperial, Sheffield, Liverpool, Leeds, UKAEA and NNL), for purchase of cutting-edge scientific research equipment available for use by all UK research institutions and all of UK industry.

The Cambridge Royce equipment is mainly located in the Maxwell Centre in Cambridge, and focusses on the theme of MATERIALS FOR ENERGY-EFFICIENT ICT. These facilities are useful for researchers studying a broad range of energy materials technologies, including, but not limited to:

  • efficient solar cell technologies
  • batteries for electric vehicles and national grid storage
  • alternative fuels and materials and chemical technologies to replace petrochemicals
  • waste energy harvesters for powering remote sensors
  • energy-efficient electronic and optoelectronic devices
  • efficient internet communications systems


Henry Royce Institute Sponsorship of Impulse Participants

The Cambridge Royce has been granted funding to sponsor five participants to take part in the Impulse 2019 Programme, which will run in April and July 2019.

This sponsorship will help to fulfil the Henry Royce Institute’s mission of promoting research commercialisation, and to provide support for its network of materials scientists and engineers to build businesses and to gain entrepreneurial skills.

Sponsorship covers all programme sessions and course materials and lunches as well as some dinner and networking drinks during the residential modules.



Any University of Cambridge researcher (PhD students and postdoctoral researchers) working in energy materials and related device technologies is eligible to apply for sponsorship by Cambridge Royce to participate in Impulse 2019.

To be eligible, candidates are required to have a business idea, or a research project that has potential for commercialisation. These ideas will be developed by during Impulse 2019.


Application Process

Applications are made using the online application form on the Impulse web site. Applicants who wish to apply for Cambridge Royce sponsorship, please tick the "Henry Royce Institute" in the "apply for sponsorship" box.


The deadline for applications for Cambridge Royce sponsorship of a place on the Impulse 2019 programme is 31 March 2019.

Selected applicants will be interviewed by skype, telephone or face-to-face as appropriate before they are accepted to the programme.


When is Impulse 2019?

The third edition of Impulse Programme will run between April and July 2019 at the Maxwell Centre, University of Cambridge. The programme comprises two intensive modules of 4 and 3 days, with individual assignments in between. The programme is run in parallel with the participants‘ normal work activities. Its nature allows considerable flexibility in defining aims and workflow.


Please get in contact with Alexandra if you have further question to the programme.