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Cambridge Royce sponsors places for five University of Cambridge researchers working in materials science.


About Cambridge Royce

The Henry Royce Institute is the UK's national institute for materials science research and innovation. Cambridge Royce is one out of seven partners focusing on Materials for Energy-Efficient ICT and primarily interested in materials applications.


Application Process

Cambridge Royce will sponsor five places on the impulse 2023 programme. Any University of Cambridge researcher (including PhD students and postdoctoral researchers) working in materials science is eligible. Candidates are required to have a business idea that has potential for commercialisation. These business ideas will be further developed by the participant with the help of their mentors and +100 contributors during the programme.


Application for the Impulse programme should be made via the online application form:

Please include the following responses in the Course and Accommodation Section of the application form:

  • I would like to apply for the impulse Programme as: Cambridge University member
  • Who is paying for the course? Your Sponsor
  • I would like to apply for the sponsorship of: Cambridge Royce
  • I require accommodation during the course: Yes or No
  • Who is paying for your accommodation? Yourself or No accommodation is required
  • Sponsor information: Cambridge Royce, Andrew Dobrzanski

For queries regarding the Cambridge Henry Royce Institute Bursaries please contact: Andrew Dobrzanski


The deadline for applications for Cambridge Royce sponsorship of a place on the impulse 2023 programme is 19 March 2023.

Selected applicants will be interviewed via Zoom/ Teams or in person before they are accepted to the programme.


When is Impulse 2023?

The 7th edition of the impulse Programme will run between 25 April and 14 July 2023 at the Maxwell Centre, University of Cambridge. The programme is comprised of three modules giving a thorough introduction to the world of entrepreneurship. One hybrid module (Module A),  an online module (Module B) and one residential module (Module C).  The programme is run in parallel with the participants‘ normal work activities. Its nature allows considerable flexibility in defining aims and workflow.


“ Attending the Impulse programme gave me a very thorough introduction to the world of entrepreneurship. Taking an idea from the lab to commercialisation can seem like an opaque process, especially for scientists with good ideas, but little knowledge of business models, fundraising and marketing. The Impulse programme connects these scientists with the expertise of business leaders, helping to facilitate societal impact beyond scientific publications. I’m very grateful for the Henry Royce sponsorship to attend this program. Impulse has certainly shaped my own experience in the year since its completion helping to bring my own ideas closer to the real world. ”

-- Tiarnan Doherty | PhD Student Cavendish Lab | University of Cambridge --


Please get in contact with Alexandra if you have further questions to the programme.