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Our partner Magna International sponsors places on the Impulse 2022 programme. Researchers/ early-stage entrepreneurs working on a business idea/ project in one of the following domains are welcome to apply for a place.

  • Energy
  • Material
  • Data
  • Sensing
  • Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Smart Mobility



Any national and international researcher/ early-stage entrepreneur working in the technology areas mentioned above are welcome to apply for the Impulse 2022 programme. To be eligible, candidates are required to have a business idea or a research project that has potential for commercialisation. These ideas will be further developed during Impulse 2022.


Application Process

Applications are made using the online application form on the Impulse website. Applicants who wish to apply for a Magna sponsorship, please tick "Magna" in the "apply for sponorships" box.


Please send your application until 20 March 2022

Selected applicants will be interviewed via Zoom/ Teams before they are accepted to the programme.


When is Impulse 2022?

The programme will start on 26 April 2022 for 12 weeks. It comprises two online modules and one residential module in July.


“The Programme was an extremely rewarding experience, providing an opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs and experts that shared the knowledge they gained from building successful businesses.

“The mentor sessions with Steve Barlow and Will Tipping-Woods were one of the most enjoyable parts of the Programme. The sessions gave our group time to explore the workshop theory and apply it to our own experiences. Steve and Will continually tested the About:Energy business case and our pitch deck was shaped significantly with their input. What we learned will help us when we start our first funding round later in the year.

Magna sponsored my participation in the Programme and provided hours of advice during 1-to-1 sessions.”

--- Kieran O’Regan, CEO & co-founder of About:Energy, Impulse alumnus 2021 ---



Please get in contact with Alexandra if you have questions about the programme or the sponsorship.