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To apply for the impulse 2024 Programme please complete and submit our application form below by 17 March 2024. 

Application process

impulse 2024 applications close on 17 March 2024. After you have applied, you will be contacted for an interview with the impulse team. Once your interview has taken place, the impulse team will write to let you know if you have been admitted, and whether you have been successfully matched with an available Fellowship to cover your course fees. 

Programme fees

We make every effort to match our applicants to an available Fellowship to cover all programme fees (see this page for details). However, please note that Fellowships have preferred projects/ideas in specific industries, aligned with our Fellowship Partners. If we are unable to match your application to an available Fellowship, and you chose to self-fund, or pay the programme fees through an external sponsor/department/university, please note that the 2024 fees are as follows:

Current staff and students of the University of Cambridge £1,500
External applicants £5,000

Payment and Cancellation Policy

If you or your external sponsor is paying for the programme fees, please note that payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date. Cancellations or deferrals must be submitted in writing to the impulse team. If a participant cancels their place after acceptance, please note that the following cancellation charges will apply:

  • 6 - 8 weeks: 35%
  • 4 - 6 weeks: 70%
  • 4 weeks or less:100%

If a participant does not attend the programme, the full programme fee will be retained as a cancellation charge. Any proposed substitution of participants requires a new application to be submitted.

Are you ready to take the next step to making your big idea a reality? Fill in the application below today!

*Technical note: please do not include "( )" with characters nearby - e.g. "(TRL 4/5->6)" as unfortunately our firewalls may block your submission and give a "403 error". If you experience any technical difficulties please contact

Application Form

Personal details


Employment status


Business idea/project

Candidates are required to have a business idea/project to be eligible to apply for impulse.
*Note: The NASA TRL defines the stages of technological development of a project. The Technology Readiness Levels 2-4 reassess the research to prove the feasibility of a technology.


If you have already started your business, please answer the following questions:


Fellowships and Fees

Note: For programme fees please look at our website.


For our records


Data protection statement

Impulse as part of the Maxwell Centre and the University of Cambridge operates within lawful grounds for processing data under the GDPR, and you of course retain full rights to your data. For more information how we handle your personal information, and your rights under data protection legislation, please look at the Maxwell Centre’s  FAQ and University’s data protection webpages.


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