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The Winton Programme for the Physics of Sustainability was established in 2011 at the Cavendish through the donation of £20 million by David Harding, the Founder, Chief Executive Office and Chairman of Winton Capital Management Ltd.  His gift, the largest donation to the Laboratory since its creation in 1874, has created a new programme with the mission to find and support the fundamental new physics that can make a big impact on meeting the growing demand on our natural resources.

The programme's director is Prof Siân Dutton, Professor of Physics and Solid State Chemistry.

The Winton Programme has been a cornerstone in establishment of the Maxwell Centre, where it now operates from.

Research Programme

The Winton Programme awards of up to 8 PhD Scholarships annually, and in the past has supported early career researchers with advanced fellowships, pump-prime funding schemes, support for new Departmental academic staff working in the sustainability space, as well as investment in research infrastructure at the highest level, including the Maxwell Centre and the Ray Dolby Centre. The Winton Programme runs a long-standing researcher Exchange Scheme with the KavliENSI at University College Berkeley, USA, for students, postdoctoral researchers and faculty members to conduct collaborative research at Cambridge or Berkeley.


The Winton Programme is supported by the Winton Fund Managers, who in conjunction with the Programme Director and Programme Manager are responsible for its planning and implementation.