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Sensor Research and Applications across University of Cambridge

CamBridgeSens is a network of several hundred researchers from more than 20 departments in the University with an interest in sensor technologies and applications. Since 2008 CamBridgeSens is connecting researchers and facilitating collaborations across all areas of sensing found at Cambridge University.

From a need for more sensitive sensing devices at airport security check-points, to a demand for on-the-spot health diagnoses; faster, smaller, and more sensitive sensors have become a necessity in today's ever changing world. At the University of Cambridge, world-leading researchers from engineering, mathematics, computer science, chemistry, materials and biotechnology are working to improve sensing capabilities.

Driving innovation in sensor research is a highly interdisciplinary activity, relying on bridging the gaps between these disciplines. CamBridgeSens is facilitating the interdisciplinary collaborations necessary to revolutionize the development of complex sensor systems and the ways in which detection problems are addressed.

CamBridgeSens provides a supportive network for researchers at all career stages, from postgraduate students, to post-doctoral researchers and academics. 

We run interdisciplinary workshops, provide training and link together the people, talent, and infrastructure necessary to catalyse break throughs in sensor innovation and application.

For more information on how CambBridgeSens works with businesses, and for contact details please visit: