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Maxwell Centre


Collaborative areas include

Scientific computing

Research on methodologies and applications of Scientific Computing is concerned with complex, multi-scale and multi-physics problems arising in science or technology, which cannot be solved by current computation approaches, or which involve mathematical formulations based on incomplete physical models.

It focuses on developing new mathematical models which describe the physics of the problem as completely as possible and on new algorithms for the accurate numerical solution of these models. This approach builds predictive computational tools, which are then employed for studying problems in physics and engineering in ways that were not previously feasible. The research is breaking new ground scientifically, as recognised by our UK and international industrial partners, who view our research as a key differentiator to the success of their technologies.

Computational radiation therapy

CompRT is a set of collaborative projects between the Departments of Physics and Oncology, and the Addenbrooke's hospital, implementing computational methods to improving radiation therapy: to speed up the whole treatment process and prevent excessive tissue damage.