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Electron Beam Lithography

The Electron-beam Lithography System is a RAITH - EBPG 5200 with a thermal field emission gun for operation at 100 kV, a high KV for high aspect ratio nanostructures, including high speed direct write with full automatization. It has the fastest Gaussian Beam system on the market, with fast, arbitrary shape pattern generator of 100MHz. It can process 200 mm (8 inch) wafers and 7 inch masks with a minimum feature size less than 8 nm. The precise overlay of features size is less than 10nm and is the fastest tool for “high density” patterns.

The equipment can be used for flexible configuration to fit application requirements and is an essential manufacturing tool for fabrication of deep nanoscale devices. The system contributes to developing novel nanoelectronic devices, on-chip integrated optoelectronic circuits, quantum devices, layered material related devices, photonic and plasmonic systems. It allows both the cutting edge fabrication of small scale (lab level) and expanding these capabilities towards a large scale production. It forms a bridge between the university research activities and the wafer scale manufacturing and developing new technologies and contributes to cross disciplinary research that can impact manufacturing business in the future.

If your research interests require you to pattern silicon wafers with feature sizes ranging from hundreds of micrometers down to 8nm, contact academic lead Professor Andrew Flewitt ( or the technical lead Mr Jonathan Griffiths ( in the Department of Physics.