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Electrical Characterisation Suite

This suite includes: a Cascade Tesla, 200 mm, high voltage, high current semiautomatic probe station, a Keysight B1505A Semiconductor Parametric Analyser/Curve Tracer, number of stand-alone, high precision Source Measure Units (SMUs) and a high voltage capable, Keysight 2 GHz Oscilloscope.

This set of equipment allows testing and characterisation of devices and materials in wafer, die or packaged forms, very accurately from -55 °C to +300 °C. Ratings of the equipment are up to 200 A and 3 kV for wafer level measurements using the probe station and 0.01 fA to 1500 A and 10 kV for packaged samples. B1505A also has C-V capability from 1 kHz to 5 MHz with a combined DC voltage rating of 3 kV. The oscilloscope with the high voltage probe can capture switching transients up to 4 kV.

This equipment has enabled industry users to automatically contact single transistors on a wafer for device testing, and allows for devices to be tested after encaspulation.

If you wish to use this equipment please contact the academic lead Professor Florin Udrea ( ) or the technical lead Dr Nishad Udugampola ( ) in the Department of Engineering.