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The electrical characterization suite consist of state of the art equipment for high voltage and high frequency measurements.

The suite includes a Cascade Tesla, 200 mm, high voltage, semiautomatic probe station, a Keysight B1505A Semiconductor Parametric Analyser/Curve Tracer, number of stand-alone, high precision Source Measure Units (SMUs) and a high voltage capable, Keysight 2 GHz Oscilloscope. This set of equipment allows testing and characterisation of devices and materials in wafer, die or packaged forms, very accurately from -55° C to +300° C. Ratings of the equipment are up to 100 A and 3kV for wafer level measurements using the probe station and 0.01 fA to 500 A and 10 kV for packaged samples. B1505A also has C-V capability from 1 kHz to 25 MHz with a combined voltage rating of 3 kV. The oscilloscope with the high voltage probe can capture switching transients up to 4 kV.

The electrical characterization suite also includes high frequency test equipment, in particular a MGV Star Lab Antenna Measurement System (650MHZ-18GHz) and a Keysight N222A PNA Network Analyser (10 MHz to 26.5 GHz). The antenna testing system, in combination with the network analyser, allows accurate measurement of antenna radiation patterns. The vector analyser can also be used independently to measure scattering parameters of devices and systems.

A Keysight 65 GSa/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator and a Keysight Infiniium 20 GHz Oscilloscope are also available in the suite and can be used to investigate programming kinetics of resistive switches/phase change memories.

If you wish to use this equipment for material or device characterisation, please contact Professor Florin Udrea