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Cambridge University - Royce Institute

Booking and Contact Information

All Henry Royce Institute equipment is available for use by all UK academic and industry users. The Cambridge Royce has fifteen advanced materials characterisation tools, please note that industry rates are negotiable depending on the complexity of the experiment requested and are typically between 2 and 3 times the Academic Rate (which is approximately the running cost of the equipment). Please contact Andrew Dobrzański at for more information on the Royce facilities.

Equipment Price List

The set prices for booking our equipment are below (effective 1st February 2021). Please note that these numbers do not take into account any additional consultancy fees, training provision, sample preparation fees, or staff time and exclude VAT which will be added if applicable. Higher Education Institution (HEI) access rates are available to users from all UK and international universities while undertaking academic research work. Commercial rates apply to all non-HEI organisations, as well as academic consultancy projects.

Equipment Suite HEI Rate Commercial Rate
Ambient Processing Cluster Tool £25/hr £75/hr
UHV MBE - Evaporator Chamber £350/wafer £635/wafer
UHV MBE - MBE Chamber £600/wafer £930/wafer
AJA sputter system £200/day £360/day
Zeiss Cross-Beam FIB System £40/hr 85/hr
AFM £12/hr £40/hr
UHV XPS £42/hr £100/hr
Near Ambient Pressure XPS £42/hr £100/hr
E-Beam Lithography £100/hr £290/hr
Mask Aligner £30/hr £60/hr
TEM Holders £55/hr £165/hr
3D X-Ray CT £30/hr (£300/day) £100/hr (£1000/day)
Thermoelectric Test Equipment £5/hr £7/hr
Royce High Voltage Suite £135/hr £165/hr
Royce High Frequency Suite £40/hr £140/hr
Magnetic Property Measurement System £140/day £280/day
12T Wide Bore Magnet £161.32/day £350/day

Available Funding

We are currently supporting external (Non-Cambridge HEIs) access to the Ambient Processing Cluster Tool. Please get in touch for more details.

Royce @ Cambridge Managers

Dr Andrew ) 

Andrew Dobrzański is the Business Engagement Manager for the Cambridge spoke of the Henry Royce Institute. Andrew has a background in ore-deposit geology, mineral carbon sequestration and applied minerology. He is particularly interested in ore formation and material supply chains, the uses of materials for natural science applications and the reuse of waste materials into added value products. Andrew also lectures at the Birmingham City School of Jewellery on gemmology and materials analysis and is a trustee of the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers.

Alexandra Robasto ( )

Alexandra Robasto is the Programme Manager for the Cambridge spoke of the Henry Royce Institute.