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Magnetic Property Measurement System

The Quantum Design cryogen-free Magnetic Property Measurement System (MPMS) has an operational temperature range of 1.8-400 K, 7 Tesla magnet, and modules for the application of multiple external fields, including: magnetic, electric, mechanical, thermal, and optical fields.

The system has a magnetic moment sensitivity of better than 10-8 emu and enables detailed, long-duration, measurements and testing of magnetic phenomena in materials and devices that exhibit a strong coupling between their magnetic and electronic/thermal/optical properties.

The MPMS consists of the following modules:

(1) Custom-designed electronic transport probe with a 5-axis sample holder with 2-point and 4-point electrical connections for magnetoelectric measurements;

(2) High pressure cell for pressure-magnetism coupled measurements of bulk crystals, thin-films and devices;

(3) Magneto-optical module with a monochromatic light source that uses a Xenon bulb and filter for illuminating samples with varying wavelengths in the 360 nm to 845 nm range for measuring photo-induced magnetisation phenomena across a wide-range of temperatures and applied magnetic fields;

(4) Oven for measuring high temperature properties up to 1000 K, which is particularly important for studying phase transitions in multicaloric materials that operate above room temperature.

If your research interests require detailed measurements of advanced functional magnetic materials, devices, and circuits, in which magnetic, electronic, optical and thermal properties are strongly coupled and have any questions on the systems capabilities or would like to discuss your experimental needs, please contact the academic lead Professor Jason Robinson ( or the technical lead Dr Cheng Liu ( in the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy.