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Maxwell Centre


Collaboration areas include

CamBridgeSens network

CamBridgeSens is a Strategic Research Network of researchers working towards sensing technologies, with an affiliated EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Sensor Technologies and Applications. Research themes:

  • Sensor Technology: MEMS, microfluidics, fibre and waveguide optics, micro- and nanopores, autonomous sensors.
  • Sensor Middleware: sensor networks and data acquisition
  • Sensor Applications: environmental monitoring, civil infrastructure monitoring, healthcare, process control and security.

Plasmonics for high-throughput low-cost bio/environmental sensing

Prof Baumberg believes on-line monitoring of bio-molecules can be enabled by combining assembly of tiny particles with fluidic chips.

Hollow core fibres

Hollow-core optical fibers enable interaction of fluids with concentrated light which in turn allows for signal amplification and high optical response sensitivity in a very small volume. Photonic crystal structure forces the light to travel through the hollow core of the fibre which can be filled with liquid to be studied.

For more information please visit Optofluidic research theme page or contact the lead researcher - Dr Tijmen Euser