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The 8" Mapping Atomic Force Microscope (Bruker Dimension Icon Large Sample Tip) is a scanning probe microscopy system capable of accurately mapping materials topography and device electrical properties at the nanoscale across a full 8" (200 mm) wafer, without requiring any wafer rotation or manual position adjustment, thus allowing semi-automated morphology and performance sampling.

It has the capability to measure a wide range of electrical properties on both unprocessed materials and processed operating devices:  resistance, conductance, capacitance, local potential, piezoelectric response, magnetism and photoconductivity. 

Key functions include measuring the electrical conductivity of delicate samples (using PeakForce tunnelling atomic force microscopy) and the photoconductive properties of photovoltaic materials (using photoconductive atomic force microscopy). 

If your research interests require characterisation of your materials or devices using wafer scale AFM, or you would like to discuss opportunities for such characterisation using the AFM Scanning Probe Microscopy Suite please contact Dr Rachel Oliver ( ) in the Department of Materials.