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Wide Bore Magnet

The wide bore magnet is a 12T solenoid fitted with a VTI with a 100mm usable bore supplied by Oxford Innovative Cryogenic Engineering. Temperature control is possible from 325K to < 2K . The system will have a field homogeneity of 0.05% over a 1cm DSV and 0.5% over a 4cm DSV. The system is entirely cryo-cooler operated with a He gas filled cooling loop. The VTI will operate in static, dynamic and one-shot modes.

The system is intended to facilitate materials characterisation and process development across the full range of Royce areas. While the system is provided with a generic fixed sample probe and a 100 A transport probe technical support will be available to exploit the large internal bore of this magnet by designing custom measurement probes. A wide range of standard laboratory equipment is available in the host laboratory to use in conjunction with the system.

This system is ideal for facilitating developments in processing of mesoscopally ordered materials, superconductors and low loss high permeability materials.

If your research could use this equipment or if you have any questions about the system’s capabilities and your experimental needs, please contact academic lead Dr John Durrell ( or technical lead Tony Dennis ( in the Department of Engineering.