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Prof Jeremy Baumberg, FRS

Professor of Nanophotonics

Director of the Nanophotonics Centre, the NanoDTC and the NanoForum SRN

Fellow of Jesus College

NanoPhotonics Centre,
Bragg/Kapitza buildings,
Cavendish Laboratory,
JJ Thomson Avenue
Cambridge, CB3 0HE


Office Phone+44 (0)1223 337441


Plasmonics for high-throughput low-cost bio/environmental sensing

Prof Baumberg believes on-line monitoring of bio-molecules can be enabled by combining assembly of tiny particles with fluidic chips.


Relevance to industry

- finding ways to assemble metallic nanoparticles in specific nano-geometries, to concentrate light on the nanoscale

- using metal nanoparticle assemblies for sensing particular chemicals, and directing chemical reactions

- using these nanodevices for low-energy optical and optoelectronic switching

- exploiting such nanoparticle spectroscopies for bio-sensing (for instance in urine)


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