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Dr Rosana Collepardo

Winton Advanced Research Fellow



Maxwell Centre, room 2.74

Cavendish Laboratory, JJ Thomson Ave, CB3 0HE Cambridge


Rosana has been awarded the Marie Curie Fellowship, Schlumberger Faculty for the Future Fellowship, University of Oxford Clarendon Scholarship, Overseas Research Students Award, University College Oxford Old Members' Trust Graduate Scholarship, and the British Council - British Chevening Scholarship, among others.

Epigenetic modulation of chromatin nanostructure

My research aims at elucidating the molecular-level mechanisms behind epigenetic control of chromatin organisation at the nanoscale level. To do this, we develop and apply multiscale computational models for nanoscale chromatin that are anchored in all-atom molecular dynamics simulations, coarse-graining techniques, theory, and experiments from collaborators.

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