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"Adding value by taking material away? The Porotech story"

Rachel Oliver, Professor of Materials Science, University of Cambridge, CSO and co-founder of Poro Technologies


About the Speaker

Rachel is a world-leading materials engineer, renowned for the study and innovative applications of gallium nitride (GaN) for electronic and optoelectronic devices. She invented novel methods for the fabrication of nitride nanostructures, and her successes led to the creation of Poro Technologies Ltd, a spinout company that is bringing porous GaN to UK and International industries. She is a world leader in the development of nitrides for quantum technologies and has produced single photon emitters with unprecedented performance. She has several awards, including being named among the top 50 Women in Engineering: Sustainability on International Women in Engineering Day in 2020. She has championed diversity in engineering at the Houses of Parliament.


About the Company

Porotech - Revolutionary approach for GaN-based RGB MicroLED displays

Porotech's game-changing Porous GaN platform technology enables small & efficient Red, Green, Blue MicroLED chips with a single GaN material system. Ready for mass production and no need to mix with other materials (and associated mass transfer and reliability issues), MicroLED is bound to become the ultimate display technology ideally suited for the next generation of AR/MR near-eye applications, wearables and many other consumer electronics devices.


Cambridge Enterprise supports Porotech with the commercialisation of the technology

The research mission of the University of Cambridge is to contribute to society at the highest international levels of excellence. Cambridge Enterprise has the important job of supporting University of Cambridge researchers accomplish this mission by translating their world-leading research into global impact. We understand the science, the opportunities, and the risks along the way to creating impact for the greater good.

If you would like to discuss your research or have an idea or invention you would like to pursue, we invite you to contact us at the link below. We will help explore all best possible routes to creating impact from your work. Come and talk to us and let’s change the world for the better.


About the Seminar Series

This series of seminars happens monthly and speakers will present their ideas and experiences on how innovation impacts their endeavours.

  • We have a varied list of speakers, from academics turned in to entrepreneurs all the way to established companies.
  • The format is a 45 minute talk, followed by Q&A.
  • Attendance is free

Come and join the talk with Rachel and register here.


Wednesday, 23 February, 2022 - 04:00 to 05:30
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Alexandra Huener
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