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Maxwell Centre

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Maxwell plus - for events co-organised by the Maxwell programme

AI-ed & Imaging in the Clinic

This event is hosted by University Enterprise Zone and organised/delivered by SAS, the Maxwell Centre and the Office for Translational Research.

Topics of the event are:

  • AI & Clinical imaging focus
  • Cutting edge mathematical/computational approaches and models
  • Increase interactions between industry, clinicians, maths and computer science researchers
  • Discuss metrology in AI and medical imaging
  • Promote interdisciplinary research
  • Discuss entrepreneurship opportunities


Speakers and panellists include:

  • Prof Evis Sala (Radiology, University of Cambridge)
  • Prof Carola Schönlieb (DAMTP, University of Cambridge)
  • Mr Gavin Pettigrew (Surgery, University of Cambridge)
  • Mr Simon Tilley (SAS)
  • Dr Nadia Smith (Data Science, National Physical Laboratory)
  • Chaz Henry (SAS Vector Labs)
  • Early-career researchers








Dr Alex Samoshkin (UoC)

Brief intro to the event and schedule overview


Overview of AI approaches for Imaging analysis in the Clinic  

Profs Evis Sala (Radiology, UoC) and Carola Schönlieb (DAMTP, UoC)

Overview of AI approaches and challenges

Benefits of multidisciplinary collaborations


AI image analysis software to assess pre-implantation kidney biopsies

Dr John Tobi Ayorinde (UoC), Federica Citterio and Matteo Landrò (SAS)

We discuss the challenges to building an explainable AI tool for human-machine decision making, in the context of renal transplantation


Q&A session for Tobi, Federica and Matteo

Mr Simon Tilley (SAS)

10 minutes


The role of metrology in AI and medical imaging

Dr Nadia Smith (Data Science, NPL) 

Measurement science for standardization of imaging methods and processes, and in providing confidence in data driven decisions


SAS Vector Labs

Chaz Henry

Industry partnership – bringing together curiosity, capability and business execution


All-in-one Cancer Diagnostics

Cathal McCague and

Thomas Buddenkotte ( UoC)

All-in-one cancer imaging optimisation using an integrated mathematical and deep learning approach


Q&A session for Cathal and Thomas

Mr Simon Tilley (SAS)

10 minutes


Closing remarks

Prof Evis Sala, Prof Carola Schönlieb, Dr Nadia Smith, Mr Gavin Pettigrew, and Simon Tilley

Overview, summary, thoughts and general remarks to conclude the event

16:00 Close


Thursday, 27 May, 2021 - 14:00 to 16:00
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Monica Lucena
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