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                                                                        Milner Consortium call 2022

The Milner Therapeutics Consortium is excited announce its second call for research proposals, which will go live on 17th January 2022!

Our pharma partners in the Milner Therapeutics Consortium are working together with academics at the University, Babraham and Wellcome Sanger Institutes to better understand disease mechanisms and to discover and validate new therapeutic targets. These pre-clinical projects range from reagent sharing and 6-month pilots to 2-year postdoctoral funded collaborations and are expected to lead to joint publications with the company partners.

Key technologies that the Consortium companies are interested in includes:

  • Computational biology, including AI and machine learning for predicting drug toxicology and interpreting cell free DNA
  • Single cell genomics and proteomics platforms, including scRNAseq multiplexing
  • Prediction and identification of secondary and tertiary RNA structures
  • Efficient mRNA modification strategies
  • Novel disease models, including biomaterials that support tissue growth ex vivo
  • Structural biology, including protein structure prediction and cell free systems for membrane protein expression
  • Super resolution imaging platforms
  • Solid state stabilization of proteins to enable parenteral delivery
  • Novel drug delivery devices including controlled release and nanodelivery
  • Digital solutions for patient monitoring

Proposals from teams who are working across disciplines to apply new approaches to disease biology are particularly welcome

To learn more, please register to attend our pre-call webinar and Q&A session on

9th December @10am


Or email Nicola McCarthy, our Consortium Manager at


Thursday, 9 December, 2021 - 10:00 to 14:00
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Nicola McCarthy
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