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NB. The application deadline for impulse 2023 was the 26 March 2023. 




To apply for the impulse 2023 Programme you will need to complete and submit our application form.


Please fill in the boxes below. 

(Please ensure your text does not contain ( ) with characters nearby i.e."(TRL 4/5->6)" as your submission may be blocked by the firewall or some hyperlinks.  You will receive a 403 error. If you do experience any technical difficulties please contact )


Personal details


Employment status


Business idea/ project

Candidates are required to have a business idea/project to be eligible to apply for Impulse.
*Note: The NASA TRL defines the stages of technological development of a project. The Technology Readiness Levels 2-4 reassess the research to prove the feasibility of a technology.


If you have already started a business please answer the following questions:


Course and Accommodation fees

Note: For programme fees please look at our website.


For our records


Data protection statement

Impulse as part of the Maxwell Centre and the University of Cambridge operates within lawful grounds for processing data under the GDPR, and you of course retain full rights to your data. For more information how we handle your personal information, and your rights under data protection legislation, please look at the Maxwell Centre’s  FAQ and University’s data protection webpages.


If you need further help or would like to comment our application form please get in contact with