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The Impulse Programme is recognised as unique in connecting budding entrepreneurs with highly experienced mentors, in order to refine and accelerate their ideas, as well as providing the grounds for cross-pollination of ideas and chance encounters - both during the Programme and a posteriori.


It featured on yesterday's edition of Business Weekly, in an article titled "Cambridge University’s Impulse programme mines millionaire tech elite".


"A Cambridge University programme has mined a glittering cohort of world beating companies run by alumni that have together attracted over £53 million of backing over the last four years for nextgen technology innovation."


Over the past editions Impulse has attracted participants from all quadrants of science and technology, and many extraordinary mentors. In Business Weekly's words:

"Since 2017, the innovative Impulse Programme – which accelerates new technologies within the fields of Biotechnology, MedTech, AI, Quantum Technologies and Water Technology – has created over 250 jobs and seen over £45.5 million invested by business angels and venture capitalists into alumni projects, with a further £8 million secured from grant funding (mostly from Innovate UK)."

"The success of the Impulse Programme relies heavily on the calibre of its mentors and experienced entrepreneurs who are all exceptional role models from within the celebrated Cambridge ecosystem, and include such luminaries as Dr Hermann Hauser, Dr David Cleevely, Jamie Urquhart, Professor Sir Mark Welland, Dr Julie Barnes, Richard Green, Dr Deborah Harland, Professor Chris Lowe and Dr Phil O’Donovan."


Info about the Impulse Programme: