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Maxwell Centre


High-resolution thermal infrared space telescopes for globally monitoring the energy efficiency of buildings


An ongoing project within the Cambridge Zero portfolio aims to deliver high-resolution thermal infrared imaging data from space, to identify buildings for energy retrofit and to help meet the UK’s Net-Zero target.

The data it will generate will be able to show building heat loss locally and anywhere in the world, benefiting government, industry and civil society groups in designing policy programmes, developing retrofit projects, delivering energy efficiency certificates and advice. The researchers want to hear from people who will benefit from this novel satellite data provision as prospective end users, in order to:

  • understand user requirements around the data, to inform the telescope’s prototype design
  • identify specific use cases for our data platform simulation according to different user groups and their needs


What would taking part involve?

We will invite you to a one-to-one interview via phone or video call, so you can participate from your location. 

Contact: Dr Hui Ben