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The in situ electron microscopy package comprises two dedicated TEM holders, a fast camera designed for in situ experiments and a holder storage unit where holders may be kept under vacuum. The suite includes:

1) A Protochips Poseidon continuous flow liquid cell in situ holder with additional electrochemical cell. Using the holder the sample can be examined as part of a continuous flow experiment or, by using a static cell, with electrical contacts, it is possible to image structural changes during electrochemical reactions.

2) A Gatan double tilt vacuum transfer holder Model 648 that enables air-sensitive samples to be transferred to the electron microscope without the sample being exposed to the atmosphere. In order to study air-sensitive samples (e.g. Li-ion battery material) in the electron microscope, in terms of their structures and morphologies, we need a simple method to transfer samples from the batteries, typically disassembled in an Ar glove box, to the TEM sample holder.

3) A Gatan OneView Camera Model that enables TEM images to be acquired at high frame rates (up to 300 fps) making it ideal for in situ studies of reactions, phase transformations, domain wall movement, etc. High quality video can be recorded over a range of resolution and speed combinations, from 4096 x 4096 pixels at 25 fps, to 512 x 512 pixels at 300 fps.  The camera is supplied with a dedicated PC incorporating a ‘LookBack’ streaming video function to post-event trigger video capture; it is possible to keep a rolling capture up to 20s in length to avoid missed reaction events.

4) A Gatan turbo pumping station Model 655 designed for storing the TEM holders under vacuum when not being used.

If your research interests require in situ electron microscopy, you would like to use the vacuum transfer holder or liquid cell holder, and/or use the OneView Camera, have any questions regarding in situ TEM capabilities or would like to discuss your experimental needs, please contact the academic lead Professor Cate Ducati ( or the technical lead Dr John Walmsley ( - WEMS Facility Manager) in the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy.