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The UV Lithography tools allow to pattern photoresists on silicon wafers. This is a key step in any lithographic process, and this can be used to fabricate for instance MEMS energy harvesters or lithographically patterned electrodes for batteries or solar cells.

The 4th generation Karl Suss MA6 tool which was purchased as part of the Royce Institute facilities allows to pattern features on Si wafers down to approximately 700 nm.  The alignment accuracy of the tool is 250 nm and this tool feature a video assisted alignment feature. This tool can process small 10 x 10 mm samples up to 6” wafers and allows for proximity, soft, hard, and vacuum exposure.   Further, the optics of this tool can be switched to either process thin or thick (e.g. SU8) photoresists and it features automatic wedge compensation. The tool is equipped with chucks to process pieces and 2, 3, 4, and 6” wafers and a range of mask holders.

If your research interests require you to pattern silicon wafers with feature sizes ranging from hundreds of micrometers down to 700 nanometers, please contact Dr Michaël de Volder