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Cambridge Wireless hope that you will be able to join a CW byte-size event run jointly by the Artificial Intelligence SIG and the Security SIG on 14th November at Cambridge Computer Laboratory: ‘The sustainability of safety and security’. 

The event starts at 18:00 and finishes at 20:30 with registration opening at 17:30. Following the end of the session at 19:25, there will be an opportunity to network with beer, pizza and soft drinks kindly provided by the sponsor, Magna International. 

The organisers are delighted to welcome the guest speaker, Ross Anderson, Professor of Security Engineering at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory who will raise awareness of the security challenges faced when durable consumer goods become internet connected. How will security be maintained over their entire lifetime?

A car, or even an air-conditioning unit, might be expected to last for 25 years.  It won't be acceptable to scrap cars after five years, as we do with laptops, since the embedded carbon cost of a car is about equal to its lifetime fuel burn.  But who will be responsible for providing the security patches?  Will it be the OEM, or specialist firms that guarantee long-term support?  Will we have to re-do the safety certification of cars and medical devices with each patch cycle or will we use architecture to control the costs, perhaps by having a specialist firewall that can be upgraded?  In any case, what will be the effect on the economics of safety and security and on the kind of tools that we use to write and maintain software?




Wednesday, 14 November, 2018 - 18:00 to 20:30