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Maxwell Centre

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Core programme events


Greater Cambridge Health Tech Connect University Enterprise Zone and Ofcom present:

Connected Healthcare - POSTPONED - new date will be advertised

5G and other emerging wireless technologies can bring valuable changes to healthcare and the community. 5G promises not only increased capacity and capability, but also increased responsiveness and the ability to connect more devices into the network than was previously possible.

Older technologies already rely on a wireless environment, but wider discussions are needed on how to best integrate 5G into the existing settings/scenario to optimise this process and maximize its benefits.

Bringing together healthcare providers, technology companies and public bodies, this event has the aim of addressing these goals by opening up the following topics:

  • What do emerging technologies (like 5G) mean for the healthcare system?
  • Will they improve the delivery of healthcare to patients? If so, how?
  • What key areas of health and social care provision could benefit most from 5G?
  • How to achieve effective engagement between designers, disrupters, technology SMEs and public sector bodies (councils, hospitals, care providers) that will be crucial in creating and adopting the connected health technologies?
  • What are the challenges in a connected healthcare environment? How can they be solved?



9.00      Registration opens

9.30      Welcome & introduction to the University Enterprise Zone

9.40      Introduction to 5G, other wireless technologies and the role of spectrum as an enabler

9:50      Session 1: Emerging solutions for delivering connected health - in community and in hospitals

10.30    Coffee break

10.45    Session 2: Panel discussion, including Q&A: Challenges to achieving a connected healthcare system

11.30    Closing remarks


This event is supported by Ofcom: the UK communications regulator that manages access to the radio spectrum on which all wireless services depend, including innovative health technologies



Venue: TBC







Wednesday, 25 March, 2020 - 09:00 to 12:00