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The Royce@Cambridge Battery Suite will provide equipment for academic and commercial researchers to manufacture and process battery materials. This will bridge the gap between materials innovation and industrial collaboration. This comprehensive suite will accommodate a variety of materials and overcome difficult processing operations, including microwave manufacture, digestion, separation, drying, purifying, mixing, and washing.

To formally open the suite, on 31 October 2023, there will be a Battery Symposium. Join us at the event and book your place here.

Materials research for energy storage is a key component of the ‘Advanced Materials for a Sustainable Society’ vision of the Henry Royce Institute. To support the development of energy technologies that are safer, more efficient, and long lasting, we are integrating materials and accelerating their transition from early-stage discovery to impact.

The suite will allow researchers to investigate scalability of their materials and whether they can be safely processed. This will provide a new capability to the energy materials community.


Manufacturing, Digestion, Purification

Equipment: Milestone flexiWAVE microwave synthesis system and Analytix, Rotary evaporator

Description: microwave reactor for large capacity synthesis and digestion

Classic glassware – 500mL, 1 bar

High-pressure – 15 x 100mL vessels, 100 bar 

Solid-phase – 500ml, 15mba

230oC evaporator, 20-300RPM, 5L capacity, vacuum controller and pump 



Equipment: Beckman, Avanti JXN-26 centrifuge                        

Description: High-throughput sample processing

Centrifuge - Maximum capacity of 6.0L, 26,000 RPM, 82,000 x g

Rotor 1 - JA25.50 fixed angle, 8 x 50mL, 25,000 RPM, 75,600 x g

Rotor 2 - JLA-8.1000 fixed angle, 6 x 1000mL, 8,000 RPM, 15,970 x g



Equipment: Intertronics, Thinky ARV-501

Description: Plantetary centrifugal slurry mixer

Maximum capacity 700g

Standard container 500mL resin 

PU-501 built-in vacuum pump unit


Stirring and Drying 

Equipment:  IKA, Agitator and BUCHI Lyovapor L-200

Description: Large-volume shear mixing and freeze drying

T 50 digital ULTRA-TURRAX, 0.25-30L, 600-10,000 RPM

Mobile trolley, vacuum pump Edwards nXDS6iC, drying chamber manifold, -55°C, 6 kg