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The electrochemical quartz microbalance with Low Current Potentiostat tool comprises a Q-sense Explorer system with QE 401 electronics unit, a Q-sense chamber platform a Q-sense flow module and a Q-sense electrochemistry module ( This is combined with a Bio-Logic SP-200 potentiostat/galvanostat with Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and Ultra Low Current (

This system provides the capability to characterise the changes in mechanical properties and mass of thin film materials during electrochemical cycling, chemical reactions or phase changes. Film thicknesses can be from <1nm to several microns depending on material. The EIS capability provides characterisation of diffusion processes within electrode materials or other electrochemical systems. Overall, it provides capability for mechanical characterisation of a wide range of material systems including battery materials, supercapacitor materials, thermoelectric materials and thin film materials for ICT applications.

If your research interests require measurement of the mechanical changes of thin film materials during electrochemical cycling, reactions, phase changes or to discuss your experimental needs, contact academic lead Professor Clare Gray ( ) in the Department of Chemistry.